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Bristol Walking Alliance (BWA) has produced a booklet that sets out 50 ways in which the walking environment in Bristol could be improved.

It is intended to be used to encourage politicians and council officials that there is a lot more that could be done to encourage and enable more people to walk as their first choice for local journeys.

Written by BWA, and funded by Bristol Health Partners and the SHINE health integration team, the booklet provides a range of measures that require policy commitments and funding from central, regional and local government, as well as support from businesses, the voluntary sector and communities.

Based on the ten walking-related actions outlined in the Bristol Transport Strategy 2019, the measures range from removing pavement obstructions to allocating a greater proportion of transport funding to improving walking routes.

Whilst we commonly look to transport schemes to improve the environment for walking, such as Liveable Neighbourhoods, School Streets, and pedestrianisation schemes, it is not only transport schemes that affect the environment for walking – for instance, bins on pavements.  What we are saying via this document is that the Council could reappraise how much more it could do by involving all the Council teams that have an impact on the environment for walking, to think about it more holistically.

Click here to download the 50 ways booklet.

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Tue 5 April 2022
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Sun 26 March 2023