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This week’s guest writer, Anne-Louise Perez, tells us about one of her favourite places to walk in Bristol.

Located in Lockleaze, Stoke Park Grade II listed parkland is one of my favourite places in Bristol to go for a walk; my dog Ziggy loves it too. Home to the iconic historical landmark the Dower House (the Yellow House), it provides almost 300 acres of far-reaching views across grasslands, wildflower meadows, woodlands and a small lake. The recent addition of a user-friendly tarmac path now makes it easier than ever to navigate.

On one of my recent walks there, I struck up a conversation with a wheelchair user taking advantage of this path. Despite growing up in the area, he had never before been able to visit his local parkland. In the spur of the moment, I decided to share his happiness by making a brief video (with his permission). It then turned into a little more, as I stopped other path users that day asking what the path meant to them. 

A path here is not a new concept. In medieval times there was a track which would have been an important trade access route. Remains of original paths are now lying buried beneath the new walkway.

Tue 21 March 2023
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Tue 21 March 2023