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Tell us a bit about yourself… 

My name’s Matthew Price and I’m an artist and photographer living in Bristol. I am known for taking photos of puddle reflections and architecture around the city. I also create art inspired by Bristol and the natural world, and promote events and visitor attractions through my Instagram @matthewpriceartist, including taking over the Visit Bristol account highlighting why this place is so wonderful.

Tell us about your preferred Bristol walking route and why you love it so much. 

The best way to see Bristol is by foot. There are too many walks to mention, from the hidden lanes around Cliftonwood to around Willsbridge Mill (near where I grew up), but if I had to pick one, it would be wandering around the Old City. The architecture is amazing – always look up, there is incredible detail in the buildings. St Nicholas Street has a mysterious cloaked figure, an elephant and a garish portrait of Queen Victoria! There is so much history packed into them, if only they could speak. After the Bristol Blitz we are lucky to still have them standing. 

Matthew Price

How long have you been walking there and when did you first discover it? 

In my 20s I spent most of my spare time drinking and clubbing. One night in 2007 I met this guy from New Zealand who was backpacking around Europe. He asked if I could show him Bristol the next day. I realised on the walk I knew very little about the city, I took him to places I remembered my Dad showing me as a kid. I grew up in Cadbury Heath so rarely ventured into the city. This was the moment I realised I needed to explore Bristol, and in my 30s I bought an SLR camera and started to discover my home city.

Who normally accompanies you on your walks? 

Usually I walk alone, as I find it a great way to enjoy my own company. However, I often use walking as a chance to catch up with friends. I particularly enjoy sharing walks with other photographers, it is a great way to expand your ‘eye’ for photography. Walking allows me to see the city I’ve lived in nearly all my life in a different way. Even being born and bred here, I always see something new. 

How do you feel when you are out for a walk? Does it change your state of mind? 

Absolutely! Especially when I have been working at my desk, creating art. Sometimes I need to clear my head and get the heart pumping. When I‘m stuck on a piece, taking a walk can help me reflect on the next stage of the creative process. Walking around, I am surrounded by lots of creativity and nature, which always lifts my spirits.

Matthew’s photo of King Street

Have you experienced any health benefits from walking? 

Alongside the physical benefits of walking up all those hills, for me it is the mental health benefits that I appreciate the most. It’s so great to see the buildings, green spaces and wildlife that share the city with us. Often I head out around 6am and return before lunchtime, getting home feeling renewed. This really helps with my creativity. I often head to the drawing board, inspired to create art.

Do you have any particular kit you take with you when you are walking? If so, what do you take and why? 

I now take all my photos on a smartphone. I take my clip-on macro lens, a battery charger, water to hydrate, a snack and a decent pair of walking shoes. The macro lens is great for capturing flowers and insects. I really enjoy filming flying insects and flowers blowing in the wind with a macro lens on a slow-motion video. I bought a good pair of walking shoes in Madeira and can walk for miles without having aching feet, I really recommend good shoes!

What tips would you give to anyone thinking about getting into walking? 

My favourite time to walk is early on Sunday, as at times it seems like you have the whole city to yourself. You can take photos of empty streets and if you’re lucky, the early morning light can make great photos. Also, around this time you get to see more wildlife, especially in green spaces like Royal Fort Gardens and Brandon Hill. I recommend changing up your route: head to places you have never been to. There are lots of hidden pockets waiting to be discovered around Bristol. My last bit of advice is, if you see an open sign, pop into the building and have a look, we have lots of beautiful gems.

Anything else you would like to mention? 

If you live in Bristol, put yourself in the mind of a tourist. You will be surprised how much you can see and learn. I recommend going on the Show of Strength Theatre Company walks, also the St Nicholas Market and Air Raid Shelter tour. There are lots of other walking tours on Yuup organised by wonderful people, so utilise that and bring friends, so it becomes a shared memory. 

If you want to develop your photography, then groups like @igersbristol on Instagram organise photo meets – my photography really took off since going to their meets since 2016. I hope this inspires you to walk and explore Bristol.

Fri 3 May 2024
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