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Bristol Walk Fest: Bank holiday walks

Looking to get out and about for National Walking Month this bank holiday weekend? We’ve got you covered with this fabulous choice of free walks.

Bank holiday weekend – 5 to 7 May

Saturday 5 May

10am – 11am

Mindful Walk in the Woods

Join us for a walking meditation in Badock’s Wood to focus the mind and be more grounded. The walking meditation takes place in silence and is considerably slower than usual walking pace.

Cost: Free

10am – 1pm

Downs to Harbourside

From the Downs water tower, you will make your way down to the River Trym and the Roman Harbour at Sea Mills, following the River Avon before climbing to Bishops Knoll, along to Goats Gully and the viewing area overlooking the Avon. You will visit the Observatory, Clifton Village, Birdcage Walk, pass Brandon Tower, Central Library and Bristol Cathedral before arriving at the Harbourside.

Cost: Free

11am – 3pm

Bristol South Skyline Walk

Bristol South Skyline Walk was developed as part of the Bristol Green Capital 2015 celebrations. This walk takes you on an exciting journey of discovery across parts of South Bristol using pavements and footpaths to lead you to places which allows you to see Bristol from a less well-known perspective. It’s about 7 miles long and will take about 4 hours. It has a number of steep, unpaved and stepped sections which may be unsuitable for some people. Booking essential.

Cost: Free

Sunday 6 May

8am – 6.30pm

Brendon Hills and Coast

A strenuous circuit in the Brendon Hills, just to the east of Exmoor. The route will cover picturesque Somerset countryside and will offer fine coastal views (weather permitting). There will be a lunchtime, pub stop, probably at the village of Monksilver. Contribution towards petrol 10p per mile – £15 (approximately).

Cost: Free

9.45am – 12.45pm

Ups and Downs in the Avon Gorge

Discover the wildlife and history of the Avon Gorge and Downs with this guided walk, organised in conjunction with Friends of the Downs and Avon Gorge. From Seawalls, you’ll meander through the meadows, zip down the zigzag path, and wander along the majestic gorge, finally wending your way back up through the goat-browsed Gully to Seawalls. This is a challenging walk, so it’s vital that you wear suitable footwear for the steep and uneven territory. It’s only suitable for folks who can manage very steep slopes, steps and can comfortably walk three miles. Booking essential.

Cost: Free

3pm – 5.30pm

Bristol’s Burning! 1831 Riots

Explore the sites and learn about the causes and consequences of the citywide riots of 1831. The riots that took place in Bristol in October 1831 were one of the most dramatic events in British history. In the immediate aftermath, the city was in tatters, with hundreds of protesters either dead or dying and dozens of buildings in flames or fallen into heaps of rubble. This guided walk will vividly retell the history of this tragic episode, exploring some of the sites that played a prominent role in the unrest. Booking essential.

Cost: Pay what you think

Monday 7 May

10am – 12pm

Walking the Ghost Roads of the Downs

A walk along the Via Appia, built in 65 AD – the London to Wales road – and then back along an eighteenth century Toll road, abandoned in 1750.

Cost: Free

Bank holiday weekend – 26 to 28 May

Coming soon.

Bristol Walk Fest takes place from 1 to 31 May 2018. See the full list of what’s happening and when.

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