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We all sometimes need a bit of help and motivation to get out for regular walks, so why not challenge yourself this May to carry out one of our suggested personal walking challenges.

We have a range of challenge ideas, from a 20 minute walk each day to conquering the mighty Bristol Bridge Challenge… with plenty in between! If you need ideas for walking routes and distances to help with your choice of challenge, our walking app partner Go Jauntly is here to help.

Challenge yourself


10,000 steps for 15 days in May

Why not challenge yourself to clock up 10,000 steps on 15 out of the 31 days in May?! That’s about 5 miles or roughly a 1.5hour walk.


5,000 steps for 15 days in May

Or how about a slightly easier on the feet 5,000 steps for 15 out of the 31 days in May? That’s about 2.5miles or roughly a 45min walk.


A mile each day in May

Walk a mile day in May. That’s about 2,000 steps, so roughly a 20min walk.


Walk to Work in May

Why not set yourself the goal to walk to work a few times each week in May? For those on the ‘WFH’ front, why not commit to walking around your local area for 20-30mins before you start at your home desk for the day?!


Walk to School Week

Living Streets’ Walk to School Week takes place from 20-24th May, so why not join the fun and experience the magic of walking. Find out more here.


Move More, Sit Less

Commit to not sitting down for more than 4hours (not including sitting for work where required or lying down to sleep!) each day throughout May.

Our walking app partner, Go Jauntly has a great feature where you can select a range of short walks around your neighbourhood directly from your home. The app can choose the ‘greenest’ route around your area for a nice pre- or post-work walk.
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