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8:00 pm Tue 3 May 2022
9:30 pm Tue 3 May 2022

Join Steve England and the bats on Purdown. Armed with bat echo locators, we’ll see how many different species of bats we can identify around south Purdown and the Purdown ridge.  We will look at the various habitats and learn all about bats – how do bats see in the dark, how they find their food, how they find their way back home, and what makes the area so rich in British bat species.  This is suitable for ages 6+. Bats only arrive at sunset in the warmer months, so the bats decide the event time, not us! There will be walking involved, including some hill walking, so it is ESSENTIAL to wear sturdy footwear, be stable on your feet, and bring a torch!



Starting Point

Lindsay Road Car Park, Lockleaze, BS79NP

Finishing Point

Lindsay Road Car Park, Lockleaze, BS79NP

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07931 541 029
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1 hour 30 mins
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Booking essential, Family friendly, Frequent rest stops

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Fairly easy – mainly flat on paved surfaces with some features such as step and hills. Walking at gentle pace
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Fri 1 April 2022
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