Historical And Medical Curiosities Of Clifton

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11:00 am Thu 25 May 2023
12:30 pm Thu 25 May 2023

If you look closely, you’ll find that Clifton Village is full of curiosities – medicinal trees, iconic buildings, literary references and the residences of many historical and influential people. Did you know that Birdcage Walk is not where you think it is? That in the late 1700s tuberculosis patients in the village were treated with cow breath (courtesy of a resident cow)? In a gentle stroll along Regent Street, Clifton Hill, Clifton Road, Victoria Square and Boyce’s Avenue, you’ll take in the impressive architecture and some curious stories behind the buildings.

You’ll also learn about some of Clifton’s medical stories and how the village has a veritable medicine cabinet on its street corners (mistletoe, maple and mulberry to name a few).

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King’s Road (Outside Twelve Cafe), BS8 4AB

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0117 370 1875
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2 miles
1.5 hours
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Accessible by public transport, Booking essential, Walk/event repeated during the festival.

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Thu 16 March 2023
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Thu 16 March 2023