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10:30 am Mon 23 May 2022
12:00 pm Mon 23 May 2022

Discover a park designed for a life of 18 months, a living wall, a giant “slinkie” and more on this 90-minute linear walk from Old Market to the Blue Sky Cafe on Church Rd, St George looking at new sights and old. N.B. There are no toilets on this walk although there will be a wide choice of cafes at the end.



Starting Point

Old Market Island, BS2 0EJ

Finishing Point

Blue Sky Cafe, Church Rd, St George, BS5 9HN

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0117 947 5037
Booking Email
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3 Miles
1 hour 30 mins
Remember your bus fare for the return journey and whatever you would like to spend in a cafe if you intend to visit one.
Event facilities

Accessible by public transport, Family friendly, Frequent rest stops, Refreshments available to purchase

Booking Required
Walk Grade
Fairly easy – mainly flat on paved surfaces with some features such as step and hills. Walking at gentle pace
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Fri 1 April 2022
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Wed 6 April 2022