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7:00 am Mon 20 May 2024
5:00 pm Mon 20 May 2024

A five-day walking challenge.

Are your pupils ready to discover The Magic of Walking?

As a walking charity we want to remove barriers to active travel.

We support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities to enjoy walking, including travel by wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Encouraging parents to park even a little way from the school reduces congestion and air pollution at the school gates and improves road safety.

Pupils can walk or wheel the last few minutes into school and still earn their reward.

However, we understand that walking/wheeling to school, even part of the way, might not be an option for all.

In these cases, we encourage pupils to become Walk to School Week ambassadors and assist the teacher in running the challenge to earn their own reward.

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Fri 8 March 2024
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Fri 8 March 2024