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Go Jauntly, your walking app for everyday outdoor adventures, is thrilled to be part of Bristol Walk Fest again. To help you get inspired this Walk Fest, and explore more of Bristol on foot, we’re sharing our top Bristol walks, as chosen by our community. 

Expect heaps of Bristol-based walk content, from hidden green spaces around the city, arty spots that are a must visit and Bristol’s inspiring history too. Here are our best Bristol walking routes, as chosen by Go Jauntly users. 

🎨 Bristol Street Art Tour – Visit the site of Europe’s largest street art festival Upfest, see the Six Sisters and check out artwork by Banksy. 

🌸 Bristol Wanderlust Walk – Great for insta moments.

🖤 A Black History Tour in Bristol – Discover inspiring stories of Black Bristolians.

🌿 South Bristol Greenspace Explorer – Green spaces galore. 

Gas Lamps & Cut Throats – Panoramic views, nature reserves and gas lamps. 

🌳 The Shirehampton Lamplighters Walk – Accessible walk through a gorgeous nature reserve.

🌼 Where City Meets Country – A mansion and a deer park. Need we say more. 

🌺 Clifton Squares Part One – Historic tour around Clifton. 

💕 Bristol City Sculpture Trail – Highlights include Pero’s bridge, the Energy Tree and Small World. 

You can find over 60 walks in Bristol created for Bristol Walk Fest in the app. Download the free Go Jaunty app to walk these routes today. No data? No worries. You can download these walks for offline use for free too. 

Greener walking routes for Bristol 

Go Jauntly is delighted to have worked with Tranquil City and Bristol City Council on introducing Green Routes Tranquility Scores to walking routes in Bristol. 

Tranquility scores are calculated using many factors, including street design, the amount and quality of greenspace and noise pollution.  When multiple routes are available, the benefits of walking the slower and greener route can be seen before setting off. The tranquility score is designed to encourage more people to be part of the movement shifting to more sustainable and healthier ways of living in cities.

During a participant survey held in Bristol, it was observed that when people walked a Green Route alternative: 

  • 70% felt more relaxed and less tense
  • 50% were happier
  • 36% were more likely to choose walking as opposed to an alternative transport method 

You can start using the enhanced journey planner to help plan walks to work, school and trips to the shops that helps you seek out nature and avoid busier, more polluted streets.

There are lots of interesting walks to be discovered in Bristol, including parks, heritage and art trails, riverside paths, woodlands and more.  Download the Go Jauntly app to help get you started!


Mon 22 May 2023
Last Updated
Mon 22 May 2023