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Bristol Walk Fest Active 10 Challenge

To celebrate national walking month, we want to encourage as many adults in Bristol as possible to get more active by building just 10 minutes of brisk walking into their daily lives.

About the challenge

The challenge is to do one brisk 10-minute walk a day throughout May.

Why get involved?

We all know how important it is to be active. The good news is that you don’t have to do an intense workout to feel the benefits of exercise, brisk walking counts too.

Just 10 minutes of brisk walking can get your blood pumping, improve your mood, as well as reduce your risk of long term health conditions.

Taking at least one brisk continuous ten minute walk a day has been shown to reduce the risk of early death by 15%.

Getting started

Here are ten steps to get you started:

Step 1 – Take 10 minutes

Ten minutes is all you need. Walking briskly for just ten minutes a day can improve your health straight away. Doctors say that everyone should be active for around 150 minutes a week. A brisk ten-minute walk is an easy way to get you started.

Step 2 – Download the Active 10 app

Even if you’re not active yet, you can get going with the free Active 10 app. The app is handy in that it tracks your walking to tell you when you’re walking briskly and how many minutes you’ve been doing it for.

Step 3 – Get your shoes on

Unlike other types of exercise, with brisk walking you don’t need any fancy gear, figure-hugging Lycra, or expensive extras. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. It helps if your shoes fit you properly and gives you the proper support. Trainers are best because they are lightweight and breathable.

Step 4 – Keep it brisk

Walking is good but brisk walking is better. Picking up the pace to get your heart rate going is the bit that unlocks the most health benefits. And it’s easy to know when you’re doing it right: you’ll be breathing faster and feel warmer. But if you want to be sure, download the Active 10 app.

Step 5 – Do it anytime

What’s great about walking is that it can so easily fit in your schedule. Whether it’s taking the dog out, walking on the school run, taking part in Bristol Walk Fest or going for a lunchtime walk, it’s one of the simplest ways to fit some activity into your day.

Step 6 – Make it fun

We know getting active can feel like a chore. But, unlike other workouts, there are plenty of ways to keep walking fresh and fun – invite your friends along, walk to some music or mix up your routes.

Step 7 – Don’t be nervous

Everyone’s different but many people say they don’t like exercising because they feel nervous, uncomfortable, or generally unsure about the whole thing. The great thing about walking is that there is none of that, you can be confident that just by putting one foot in front of the other, you’re on your way to being healthier.

Step 8 – Stay motivated

Sometimes it’s easier said than done. But to help you get those walking shoes on every day, keep using the Active 10 app which tracks your walking, and keeps you motivated with lots of tips and tricks.

Step 9 – Build up to 30

Walking briskly for ten minutes is an excellent start to a healthier, happier you. But the more walking you do, the better. Why not work your way up to walking for thirty minutes every day? You might not be ready yet, but after using the free Active 10 app for a while, you’ll feel ready to change your goal and get even fitter. Go for it.

Step 10 – And there’s more

Remember, there are loads of other ways to walk your way to health. You can find lots more advice, hints and tips on our ‘Walking for Health’ page.

Get talking about your walking

We’d love to hear from you about how you’re achieving your 10 brisk minutes using the hashtag #Just10MinsBristol.

Further information

Visit the Active 10 website for more information.