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Mile a Day Challenge

Calling all Bristolians no matter what your age, size or ability! Come and take part in the Mile a Day Challenge. Whether you are looking for a gentle introduction into becoming more active, needing motivation or simply can’t make it to a specific walk but still want a challenge then read on…

The Mile a Day Challenge is a fun, FREE, flexible, honesty-based challenge and you’re free to walk wherever with whoever and however you like.

The challenge is to do a mile a day to reach 31 miles by the end of May, but you may choose to do more or less mileage each day. How you get to 31 miles is completely up to you.

How it works

1. Register

To register go to it should only takes a few minutes. Ideally registrations need to be completed by May the 1st but you can take up the challenge later on if you want to make up the miles by the end of May. If you’re a family or couple entering please register each person, it should only take a few minutes.

2. Walk

You can choose to record all your walks or just walks you wouldn’t have otherwise done – whatever suits your level of fitness and ambition. You could include lunch breaks, walking meetings, with a friend, on your own, with children, round the block, with a dog, to the shops, to school, to work, for charity, quite frankly anything goes!!!

3. Talk

Use our facebook page Bristol Walk Fest to get ideas, make friends, share your walks or arrange meet-ups. Or join the conversation and use the hashtag #mileadaychallenge

4. Record

Calculate your mileage on your phone, by map-reading or by using Google Maps and then enter onto the ‘Mile a Day Challenge Progress Tracker’. It’s here to download

5. Complete

Complete a total of 31 miles in May and download your FREE certificate in June from this page.

6. Celebrate!

Tell us how you did on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you.


Download your FREE certificate here