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Bristol born model and TV presenter Amy Willerton first launched onto our screens in ITV1’s ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’. When she’s not winning modelling awards and appearing on our screens, she loves nothing better than a walk in her home city. Here, she shares her favourite walking spots.

Tell us about your preferred Bristol walking routes and why you love them.

We are so lucky in Bristol that there are so many options for stomping ground. I love Blaise Castle, Leigh Woods, Baddocks Woods, The Downs, and Ashton Court. I like the fact that most Bristol walks have quirky little features that you would only find in our city.

How do you feel when you’re out for a walk? Does it change your state of mind?

The fresh air is so amazing for just thinking and processing things. I always feel so clear and happy when I come home from a walk.

Is there anyone in particular you like to walk with? Who would be your dream walking buddy?

I would love to walk with my dog Yogi again. We recently lost him and I really do miss him so much, especially when I’m walking.

Have you experienced any health benefits from walking? Does it help you stay fit?

Yes walking is so good for you, both physically and emotionally. I used to live in the mountains in LA and those hill climbs kept me very fit, although over there it’s called ‘hiking’ – which makes it sound much more exotic!

Do you have any particular kit you take with you when you’re walking?

It really depends on the walk and how long I’m out, but I always take a filtered water bottle which I can refill, and then of course wellies or trainers depending on the weather.

What tips would you give to anyone thinking about getting into walking?

Walking is the best, it improves every aspect of your life – health, happiness, and curiosity. It’s simple to do and ideal for anyone who loves to be outside. You can do it alone or in a group and, especially in Bristol, there’s always something new to see.

Bristol Walk Fest, the UK’s largest celebration of urban walking, takes place from 1 – 31 May 2018. See what’s happening and when on our events calendar page.

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Thu 12 April 2018
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