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Parks are much loved spaces that are more important than ever. Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation is a charity that wants to connect more people to their parks and green spaces. We believe that parks should be better places to meet, play, learn, grow, breathe and enjoy nature and be welcoming to everyone.

Whether you walk, stretch, run or roll, parks enable us to exercise and relax while being close to nature. It could be flying a kite, the delight of wildflowers, or a few minutes peace, being in the park benefits both our physical and mental health and can be a lifeline for those without a garden of their own. During lockdown 70% of us report parks have had a positive impact on improving our physical and mental wellbeing. Green spaces will be vitally important in helping us to recover from Covid-19, re-connecting us socially and helping us to remain well.

At the heart of our parks are volunteers and Friends groups who go the extra mile to care about their green space. Together we want to cherish our parks and green spaces in Bristol and Bath to ensure a brighter future for our communities.

You can find out more about our projects and how to support us at our Your Park website