City of Threads

City of Threads is a 12-part immersive podcast series launched on 25th March.

City of Threads invites you on immersive audio journeys into the city of Bristol, as experienced through the perspectives of its visually impaired citizens: a place of sensory delights, navigational intricacies, challenges, dangers and shared discoveries.

Each episode is in two parts; a docu-story telling episode that takes you on journeys into Bristol in the company of the visually impaired travellers who take them, revealing the city in new ways and from their unique perspectives. Every journey reveals a portrait of the person who led it, capturing their stories and everyday experiences and each episode includes conversations with invited guests around the rich and fascinating themes that all these journeys unearthed.

Following each of the main episodes is a sister immersive episode that uses the magic of immersive sound design ​[including binaural sound] to transport you deeper into the heart of some of the places and moments from the journeys. This podcast challenges assumptions, reveals new understandings and ultimately asks us to reimagine how our cities are working for us all.

As well as the City of Threads podcast being a wonderful way to journey through the city of Bristol from the comfort of your own home we’re suggesting, for those amongst you who can get out and about in Bristol, to listen to episodes from the series and then choose one (or more!) of the journeys in them to follow. See if you can experience a ‘City of Threads moment’ on your route through the places and spaces from your episode’s journey takers. 

All of the City of Threads journeys are fairly short and focused in and around the centre of Bristol. You can download screen shot maps and very simple directions of the main journey takers routes by clicking the link here;

Meanwhile here’s some of the comments from people who have already listened and enjoyed.
Lucy Edwards – V.I. presenter and you-tuber

“I’ve just listened to the immersive version of “You Either get hit by a bike or you don’t’ and it made me quite emotional. I sat here in my living room with my headphones on, listening to the rain muffle the sounds of the street and it took me back to the very first first moments I started to navigate on my own as a blind person. Lovely audio. Fab podcast!”

Tom Goodwin – dancer, choreographer, teacher

“This is a brilliant podcast. I thoroughly recommend it – audio and sense journeys through Bristol city, from the perspective of visually impaired folk.”

V.I. listener

“Hearing how others get enjoyment from visiting a place that I have not visited is really interesting and has made me now want to visit. I’m talking about the Cathedral [from ‘We’re Going In’ episode]. I have never been interested in it previously, probably because I only heard about it from sighted people, but now hearing it from a V.I. perspective gives it a totally different appeal. I am also going to go in search of this glass archway and the next time I go to the eye hospital I might actually take the time to have a feel of the textured wall, which never occurred to me before.”

Steve Ewens – V.I. listener and Sight Loss Council member

“Very professionally produced. The way in which we dipped in and out of each traveller’s story made for a really engaging listen. From a V.I. perspective it was incredible how much you could relate to both the physical and emotional journeys each person took.”

Jenny Hodges – V.I. listener and Sight Loss Council member

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all the individual journeys. Although I use the same techniques of listening to the different noises and textures, it’s interesting when it’s illustrated to you. When Nikki advised her guide [from ‘Gorilla on a Mini Moto’ episode] to cup her hands around her eyes to cut out the peripheral vision to see what she actually sees, the immersive sounds were just incredible. Just loving these podcasts!”

Ben McEwen – Bristol based performer and teacher

“It was such a pleasure to listen to the episodes. Such great individual stories brought into relationship with each other. All these layered and interwoven and contrasting descriptions of a single city – a wonderful invitation to re-meet one’s city and the people who make it up.”

Description of the image at the top right of this page:

The City of Threads logo is square in shape, with the words City of Threads situated in the centre; black text on white background. Fine red wiggly lines emanate out from the title words, tracing fragments of actual journeys featured in the podcast.

Free: This podcast is available from Apple iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Audible and Google Podcasts. Just go to your podcast provider, search City of Threads and subscribe.