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We are a grassroots walking group of women of colour established in Bristol in April 2021 that aims to reach out to local women in the area who identify with our lived experience to encourage an interest in walking and thriving in open spaces.

We regularly organise walks, for those who wish to take short walks and for those who wish to take longer treks.

The aim is to help motivate women of colour to visit places they would not have ventured to including rural areas around Bristol and further afield in the south west. We will provide routes that can get women around the city and beyond as well as routes that stoke interest and wonder.

Why do we do it?
There has been a reluctance for women of colour to venture into unfamiliar spaces where they feel exposed, judged, and remarked on. This has led to our staying in our lanes.

We want to encourage women to step across these boundaries and push their limits, to do this in the safety and company of others who share similar experiences of discrimination and disadvantage.

We want to enable the activity of walking to be uplifting and enriching to
the lives of women of colour of all abilities, to present walking as opportunities to engage in conversation, creative reflection, enjoyment of nature, appreciation of new environments and fundamentally, to help address issues of mental health which have been prevalently on the increase.

During events, we welcome all people regardless of their characteristics, culture and race as we are very happy to open up as a more diverse group.

We hope you are able to join us and look forward to meeting you!

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