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Among the wealth of really interesting and helpful wellbeing podcasts out there at the moment, Bristol based ‘Right Up My Podcast’, presented by Gwen Watson & Kate White is definitely one to check out. 

In this series, Gwen and Kate explore some of the lesser-known (and occasionally bonkers) methods of self-care, self-love and ways to make you feel good. Kate and Gwen then try it out themselves and report back. 

In Episode 10 they talk to integrative psychotherapist Jonathan Hoben, about the healing power of walking. Jonathan, who pioneered the concept of Walking Therapy, shares his insights and experiences of using the ‘walk and think’ method to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, work stress & anger, and to live healthy, fulfilling lives. So definitely one to engage with and get the most out of during the national walking month of May. Here’s a great little clip of the Walking Therapy episode: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNdR51Rje5a/

Ep.10 – Walking Therapy: https://rightupmy.buzzsprout.com/1337593/8249060-ep-10-walking-therapy

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Wed 5 May 2021
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Tue 5 April 2022