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The sustainable travel team at Travelwest are really trying to push the benefits of the most sustainable way we can travel.

Walking is free, but at the same time you increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance.

When we walk as transport try not to just pick the fastest route from home to work, shops or the school: spend a minute going through the route in your head. Is there:

  • a park on your route?
  • an interesting building to walk past?
  • a spot that has good memories for you?

Incorporating any or all of these into your walk increases the feeling of wellbeing and makes the journey something to look forward to.

There’s a saying that goes “a journey shared is a journey halved” so why not share a journey with someone. One of the things that Travelwest will be promoting this year is a journey sharing platform called ‘Join My Journey’ (which will be free) and while you can use it to find colleagues to car share and cycle, even more excitingly it can be used to share walking journeys.

To end an amazing month of walks as part of Bristol Walk Fest, Friday, 31 May is Walk to Work Day. Let’s all make at least one part of our journey to or from work a 10 minute walk.

Try the time travel walking map, we’re sure you will be surprised where you can get to in 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

For more ideas and tips for walking to work have a look at the Travelwest website.

Coming up in June they also have the Travelwest challenge which encourages you to walk some or all of your journey and earn points for prizes. You can download the BetterPoints app now!

The challenge runs from 10 June for six weeks. You can also cycle, bus, run, take the train or car share too.

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Thu 30 May 2019
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Sun 25 April 2021