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My name is Dr Bhatia. I work as a GP here in Bristol and am the founder of Humble. Humble is an organisation that aims to help bring out our best.

Sitting has similar risks to smoking and exercising alone is not enough. Walking is one of the most healthy things we can do – lifting energy, mood, sleep and more. Modern life doesn’t make it easy with stress, cars, desks & disconnection from nature. The good news is with a little help you can learn to love walking and boost your health.

Six steps is all you need, once you start walking it’s easier to keep going. If you work at a desk set a reminder to take 6 steps 6 times a day (eg each 30 mins).

Walking 3km a day halves mortality. It only take 30mins!

Sometimes there are barriers like pain, fatigue, motivation and stress. We offer support to help you move freely. To find out more go to Humble.info.

Why not supercharge your day with a life SAVER. This miracle morning walk uses neuroscience to boost your wellbeing. Watch our 5 min video.

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Mon 25 April 2022
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Tue 21 March 2023