Discover the Magic of Walking with Walk to School Week

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Tens of thousands of children will this month discover the magic of walking as they take part in Living Streets’ Walk to School Week.

Living Streets five-day walking challenge encourages children to walk or wheel to school and this year, with the theme ‘walk with imagination’, they hope children will be able to stretch their creativity too . Day one has launched with a focus on discovering the magic of nature, learning the importance of sustainability and the positive impact walking and wheeling can have on the planet.

Nationally, on average, 46% of students go to school on foot. Like Bristol Walk Fest, Living Streets aim to get more people walking and hope to see this figure grow. In 2023, the 26 Bristol schools that took part in Walk to School Week not only made improvements to their health and fitness but also saw benefits such as reduced congestion and pollution.

With many walks to choose from for all ages during Bristol Walk Fest, we hope those who have enjoyed walking to school take the next step and take part in a walk hosted by one of the brilliant local providers. Find out what’s on here.

Mon 20 May 2024
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Mon 20 May 2024