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Southmead Hospital offers many ways to enjoy the 19 acres of outdoor space onsite and our Sitelines Hospital Explorer Map highlights special green exits and local spaces across the site, giving staff, visitors and local residents choices for a short break or exercise outside.

It’s a fact that even 5 minutes spent outside in nature can give a boost to our mental health and sense of wellbeing. Our Fresh Arts team have created a map of our 19 acres of outdoor space at Southmead Hospital highlighting walking routes, the green gym and wildlife spaces, which are all easy to reach to enjoy the fresh air as part of a daily routine.

How can people use the Explorer Map?
With green exit signs highlighting the exit doors which help you to reach a green space quickly, highlighted areas for possible outdoor meeting spots and local paths, shortcuts and quiet spaces indicated on the map, the Southmead Hospital Explorer Map allows you to easily plan some time outdoors into your daily routine and breaks.

A stroll among trees or sitting on a quiet bench outside is a proven way to de-stress.

Try the walking and running routes to add exercise easily to your daily routine, explore the amazing wildlife areas, join our allotment volunteers or try a circuit on the outdoor gym.

Starting Point

Various points around the 19 acres of the hospital grounds

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