We encourage grandparents, aunties, uncles, mums, dads, guardians and carers to all walk to school together.

Bristol City Council has a number of free initiatives, sessions and resources available to Bristol schools promoting active and healthy ways to travel. Your school can take advantage of these opportunities through the Modeshift STARS scheme.

What is Modeshift STARS?

Modeshift STARS is the free national awards scheme that recognises schools showing excellence in the promotion of walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable transport. Modeshift STARS hosts the National School Travel Awards and is supported by Department of Transport.

By taking part in Modeshift STARS schools can take an active approach to reduce congestion, and improve road safety and air quality and around their school as well as improved mental and physical health for their pupils.

Schools can achieve their Bronze, Silver or Gold award by logging active travel activities (including a number of free sessions that Bristol City Council offer free of charge!) online.

Bristol benefits include:

  • Nationally recognised accreditation scheme – accredited schools receive a plaque, certificate and are able to use the STARS logo.
  • Healthier pupils – by encouraging active, healthy lifestyles for young people through more walking and cycling.
  • School Travel Plan – a national standard School Travel Plan is automatically created, which will deliver significant time and costs saving.
  • Free resources and sessions – tailored to each school, run by our School Active Travel Officer.
  • Travel Awards – a chance to be considered for the National STARS School Travel Awards.
  • Changing behaviour – STARS will provide you with the tools to reduce car use and increase active travel for a happier, healthier school.

If your school would like to get involved and take advantage of these opportunities, email Aimee-Claire.Eyermann@bristol.gov.uk, or call 0117 357 6246.

Source: Bristol City Council