Walking Q&A: Charlotte Geeves – Executive Director, Bristol Old Vic

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Charlotte Geeves

What were your walking habits/levels pre-lockdowns?

We’d go out for a walk probably once every couple of weeks, mainly with friends and stop via a pub somewhere along the way.

Have you increased the amount/distance you walk since lockdowns started?

Yes enormously. We now go out every weekend, quite often on both Saturday and Sunday. Over the last year my 7 year old has increased the length of time he is happy to walk (with a few sweets as bribes) so we now go out for 1-2 hrs each time.

What role has walking played in your lockdown?

It has kept our spirits up, given us something to do, we’ve played so many games whilst outside (as opposed to in) and we’ve chatted to lots of other people (at distance) who were doing the same thing.

What’s your favourite route to walk? And why?

We love walking in the woods, so it either has to be Leigh Woods or Box Woods (just outside of Bath)

Podcast, music or peace and quiet when walking?

We have a very talkative 7-year-old, so it is never peaceful. Lots of talking and walking!

Will you maintain walking post-lockdown?

Yes but it will be great to meet up with friends and finish with a drink!

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Wed 21 April 2021
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Mon 26 April 2021