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Christelle Pellecuer is a member of Arnolfini’s Board of Trustees, Founder and Creative Director at Razana Afrika and the Cultural Heritage Manager at Black South West Network. Christelle is also a co-director and a performer in a small theatre company called Black Women Let Loose Theatre Company and she is a presenter on Imperial Voice Radio.

What were your walking habits/levels pre-lockdowns?

Pre-lockdown, I would only go for a walk during weekends.

Have you increased the amount/distance you walk since lockdowns started?

During lockdown, I have increased the frequency of my walks and some weeks I would go every day but during busy periods, only few times a week. During the winter months, it was difficult to maintain the walks everyday as I was a lot busier during this period and the nights fell earlier.

What role has walking played in your lockdown?

Walking has been essential for my wellbeing during lockdown as it allowed me take a breather from busy working day and to take time out for myself and reconnect with myself and in a way with nature. Pre-lockdown and with the business of life, I sometimes forget to notice the details of what was happening around me. During these walks, I really took the time to listen and to look in more details to my environment. I discovered new routes that I never seen before, even places so close to my house but didn’t even know was there. I really appreciated seeing how nature changed throughout seasons.
Right now I am really enjoying seeing how nature is slowing wakening up with spring and how trees and flowers are starting to blossom. Walking during lockdown was also the only source of exercise so it allowed my body to move after being sat in front of zoom meetings all day. Socially distanced walks have also been a valuable way of staying connected with friends when we couldn’t meet indoors.

What’s your favourite route to walk? And why?

I have really enjoyed walking in Eastville Park, Snuff Mills and Oldbury Court. Because all three are a short distance from each other, on some days I was able to walk through all three places. Walking along the river and the lake has been my favourite route.

Podcast, music or peace and quiet when walking?

Some days, I would walk in silence to absorb the sounds of nature but on other occasions I would listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks. Some of the music, podcasts and audiobooks I’ve listened on my walks:

Anais – Darkness at play
Andra Day – Cheera to the Fall
Have you heard George’s Podcast?
The Michelle Obama podcast
No Matter What audiobooks by Lisa Nichols

Will you maintain walking post-lockdown?

I grew up near a mountain in South of France and walking was part of my family days out so I have always enjoyed walking. Life sometimes takes over and I have not always maintained the practice over the years but now I am back in the habit, I would like to carry on with walking post-lockdown.

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Fri 16 April 2021
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