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What were your walking habits/levels pre-lockdowns?

Before lockdown it was just walking to work and to meet friends, I don’t drive so my legs are my main form of transport.

Have you increased the amount/distance you walk since lockdowns started?

Definitely. I think lockdown has changed everyone’s walking habits very positively. I love walking so much more now! Especially getting out the city and walking in nature.

What role has walking played in your lockdown?

It has kept me sane to be honest. It clears the head and helps alleviate stress.

What’s your favourite route to walk? And why?

I love walking from where I live in St Andrews through the allotments by Ashley Down past the farm towards boiling wells and up towards Purdown.

Podcast, music or peace and quiet when walking?

Peace and quiet definitely. It’s important to give your brain a break and just be sometimes!

Will you maintain walking post-lockdown?


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Wed 21 April 2021
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Wed 21 April 2021