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What were your walking habits/levels pre-lockdowns?

I’ve walked every day for most of my life – esp the last nine years. It’s one of the joys of having dogs. Not walking is not really an option. Pre-lockdown 1, it was more of an essential chore. Done twice a day. Didn’t really think about it. Nor did I generally plan walks. Just headed to the local park. Walking was a bit like cleaning your teeth. A routine. Necessary but not something to do just for fun.

Have you increased the amount/distance you walk since lockdowns started?

Yes, to both. In the first lockdown I got into the habit of getting up at silly o’clock to take the dogs out. Watching the sunrise, passing through the empty streets of Bristol it was a complete delight to spend some time in a world that was (for those first few weeks of lockdown) anything but delightful. So I would go out for several hours at a time. As long as the dogs legs would last, basically. (Since both dogs have got quite short legs, that was something I had to think about. Didn’t want to end up having to carry the pooches home!)

What role has walking played in your lockdown?

Walking has been a game changer, as they say. When the world was all looking a bit grim back in Spring 2020, having something to look forward to every day was just what the doctor ordered. I took to planning my day around what walk we should go on. Found it really helpful to have something outside of the house and home to focus on.

What’s your favourite route to walk? And why?

Most of the time these days, I start the walk from the front door. So it gave me the excuse to do more local exploring. Reckon I’ve walked down virtually every road within a couple of miles of home. Also, found myself strolling through every snicket, (ten foot, or back alley) that I stumbled across. Turns out there are far more around my neighbourhood than I ever realised.

Podcast, music or peace and quiet when walking?

Peace and quiet. Listening to the sounds of life. Whether that be cars, humans, dogs, wildlife or an eerie silence. It’s all part of the process of a walk for me.

Will you maintain walking post-lockdown?

Yep. Reckon so. Though, I am looking forward to getting back to taking holidays. On canals, by the seaside, in the depths of the countryside. Don’t mind, I like to wander and walk through all of them.

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Fri 16 April 2021
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Wed 21 April 2021